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Create a Short Elevator Speech

One thing you should do as a small business owner is come up with an elevator speech. What is an elevator speech? It’s a short description about what you do. The idea is to get your point across in the time it takes to ride an elevator.

You should use your elevator speech anytime you meet someone and are asked “So, what do you do?”. It should be short enough to not bore them to death but still get the point across. And please, try not to make yourself sound like a pushy sales person.

Here’s an example of an elevator speech similar to what I use for my printing business.

“I sell promotional products. I can print anything on anything! I can print on golf balls, stress balls, hats, shirts, even walnuts. Of course I also do business cards, presentation folders, window signs, etc. I recently worked with a client starting up a new business. I designed and printed business cards and a sign for her car window. We also printed pens for her to use as a giveaway. Here, take my card.”

This is short enough to retain the listeners attention and now he knows exactly what I do and knows how to contact me if he needs my services. Plus I gave an example of how I helped one of my clients. This is handy because while he might not need my services it could trigger a referral from him. Perhaps his sister is starting a new business and needs business cards, pens and a window sign.

A well crafted and well presented elevator speech can be a powerful tool in your tool box for gaining new clients. Next time someone asks you what you do, what will you say?


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