The Persistent Entrepreneur

Get Started Now

One of the biggest pitfalls new entrepreneurs face is a fear of getting started. You might not admit it, even to yourself but you might be afraid to get started. This is especially bad if you just quit your job and are on your own full time.

Many people will use this new found extra time to get caught up on home repairs, or fix up a rental property they may own. I’m sure it’s all very important but what would you do if you still had your day job? Well guess what? You do still have a day job, your own business. And failure is not an option.

Another thing new entrepreneurs will do is endless preparation. They will spend weeks coming up with a logo or the perfect website. Or setting up their new office space and shopping for equipment. Some of it is necessary but much of it is fluff. I would avoid big ticket purchases if possible until you have some money coming in. Maybe you don’t really need that shiny new iMac, maybe your old laptop is adequate at least for the time being. And your logo doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect before you start. In my opinion, the best logos are the simplest. I too have spent too much time designing logos and usually end up going with my first, simple design I did in the first 10 minutes.

So stop planning. Stop putting off the inevitable and start talking to potential clients. Ask everyone you know for referrals. Join a networking group. Start going to social networking events. Give your business card to EVERYBODY! They are cheap and even if the person you give it to isn’t interested, they might know someone who is. Get Back to Work!


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