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I recently switched my website from Zen Cart to 3DCart and so far I am loving it! Here are some initial observations.


  • Had to switch from my own hosting service to a 3rd party. That costs money.
  • Cost is more than getting affordable hosting elsewhere.
  • Loss of control. With my own hosting service I had complete control over everything


  • They handle security updates. With Zen Cart updates were laborious and could take hours. Here I don’t have to worry about it
  • They handle all updates. With Zen Cart even if I was just updating to a new version it could take longer than security updates. And it could (and usually did) break my site.
  • Shipping method on packing slip. Sounds minor but it was a big deal to me, when I’m in the shipping room with a stack of packing slips I need to know what shipping method they chose.
  • Inventory control by attribute. If you sell shirts for example, you probably have multiple sizes and colors. With Zen Cart if I said I had 12 shirts it didn’t care what sizes I had. I might have 3 of each size but Zen Cart would accept orders for 12 of one size and then say the product was out of stock. So now I have orders for 9 shirts I don’t have and I have 9 shirts Zen Cart wouldn’t sell. Major Issue! With 3DCart I can list how many I have of each size/color combo.

That’s all I can think of right now but I’ll probably add more as I think of them. If you are starting a shopping site or already have one, I highly recommend you check out 3DCart. It does cost at least $20/month though so keep that in mind.


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