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Google Data Feed Export from 3DCart

I spent much of this morning trying to get my 3DCart products to export a google data feed and had a couple of problems. I was unable to find the answers online so I thought I’d share what I did to solve it. If you are looking for the solution, don’t do what I did, skip to the end.

First, I was getting the error “Too many column delimiters”. Basically, it was reading the commas in the title and description and thinking that signaled a new field. Which it shouldn’t do because the data used quoted fields. But whatever! I went through all my products and replaced every comma in the title or description with the character code for it, which is “,” (without the quotes). What a pain.

After that I tested it and received another error. Something about the date format being wrong. It was right, but it was including the quotes. Again, it should have just used those to determine what data was a field but whatever! So after a little digging I found that if I click on “Settings” under the data feed, one of the options was “Use Quoted Fields”. This option is not available when you first create the new data feed. I changed that to yes and all was right in the world.

Then I got to thinking, could I have skipped all that work replacing the commas and just changed that one setting? I tested it and sure enough, it worked. So, if you are having this same problem, change that setting FIRST!


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2 Responses to “Google Data Feed Export from 3DCart”

  1. T.F. Torrey says:

    The weblog software you are using is also an old version riddled with security holes, and it will take time–probably a lot of it–to upgrade all your instances of it. If you can find an acceptable proprietary weblog solution–maybe Blogger will do–then you will finally have finally eliminated the stink of free software from your life.

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks for pointing that out T. I just upgraded this site to the latest version in about a minute and a half, including backups. Much nicer that the 2 to 3 hours Zen Cart took. And it’s a lot easier.

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